Monday, 27 March 2017

Colour poem

Here's one I wrote about red
I am apple, strawberry.  I am raspberry, Jaffa  , I’am the juicy tomato you just picked. I’am the beautiful shiny capsicum you’re washing and 
Anti bacterialising 
I smell like a violet rose standing in the breeze. I feel like a chilli hanging from a 
I am red 
By Enzo 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Acrostic poem

E nergetic
N ice
Z oo lover
O range hair

M  ovie lover
C lever
F unny
A mazing at soccer
R ad
L earning at school
A wesome 
N arly
E njoying life 

Monday, 13 March 2017


Tena koutou 
Ko Aoraki te Maunga
Ko Ōtakaro te awa
Ko Waimairi te Kura 
Ko Ngāti Aotearoa te iwi
Ko Brad taku papa
Ko Katherine taku mama 
Nō Ōtautahi ahau
Ko Enzo taku ingoa 
Tena koutou tena koutou tena tena koutou katoa

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Riccarton Bush

When I went to Riccarton Bush I saw a root bowl. I thought it was awesome because the hole was in the some as place the roots. I find this peculiar because the roots or the hole could be anywhere but instead they are on top of each other.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Travis Wetlands

When I went to Travis Wetlands, I took a photo of ballrush.  the the reason I went wow was because of the size of the ball rush pit. My estimate is that It is 1-2 km in area.  This is a what a lot of Christchurch used to look like.  This is also what the Maori used to make roofs and wakas.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Over seas

3 July 2016 

Los Angeles
Today We went to Walmart and bought tons of random food, we even bought donuts! And my mum took herrrr as Americans would say anyway and my mum took her time looking at the sugar content in bread and stuff.

Today We went to Disney California adventure as soon as we got there were two rides that I never wanted to go on they were California screamin , and tower of terror.

Today we went to Disney California adventure, the first ride we went on was soarin
and then we went on cars it was fun it needs to go faster. Then we headed over to the opposite Side of the park the first ride we went on there was California screamin after that I was pumped 
but felt sick. And then we went to the secret entrance so that we could go on the redwood
Challenge it's like a obstacle course. Then we went to Disneyland and the first ride we went on was hypo space mountain it didn't go as fast as last time.

Today we went to The Getty Centre I threw up  all over the marble steps imported from Italy while we were there I couldn't help but notice that there was a painting the dude doing the dab.

8 July 2016 

This morning we woke up late and went to a place called  Austin Java I had pancakes and water afterwards I didn't feel very well so I went to the bathroom and vomited all in the toilet. we all decided that I needed a big long sleep so we came home and had a very long sleep about three hours, my dad woke me up I was feeling much better so we went down to the pool for about three or four hours and play tons of rough-and-tumble for once my mum got in.  Now we are going out for dinner.11 July 2016 


Hi I've just arrived in Cuba for the first time. It's very hot and really green and looks wonderful. finally were of the plane time to check in and claim our luggage time to get our luggage. I1/2 hours later.  Finally!!!! Our luggage lets get out of here. The first thing I see is a game of football it was cool but I really wanted to join in. Were on our way to the home stay.  As we got there I thought that we were staying in an abandoned building.  As soon as we got in side it was luxury. 

Hi I've just woke up its about 8o'clock and its time for breakfast. For breakfast is lots of fruit and bread. 

I liked it because there were lots of cool bars that we went to. There lots of cool artefacts
such is old forts and buildings. Everything is old like cars Hotels.

The reason why Cuba is like it is is because
they had a disagreement with the United States of America and they were going to let Russia put missiles on Cuban land pointed at Florida even though this didn't happen the USA stop trading with Cuba this is why it has all the old cars and building. The dumb thing was there was absolutely nnnooo Internet! This made the five days in Havana go super slooow.
Every day in the middle of the day it got to at least 35°C, that made us stay inside.


In Varadero there was a resort we stayed in called Iberostar. It was amazing on my mums behalf it was terrible there were three poles a beach and a big stage that people did performances on there was also a buffy the food was disgusting is a waterpark the tiny little children we stayed here for five days. 

Today we are flying from Havana to Cancun and driving for an hour to get to Playa Del Carmen.

Playa Del Carmen 

Today we have arrived in Playa  Del Carmen in Mexico, it's been a long day. We have arrived at our resort, my mum read out what the hotel is going to be like. It sounds amazing but the sad thing is that we are only staying here for three nights. My highlights of playa were the amazing the pool & visiting chichin itza chichin itza is a massive temple that was built thousands of years ago in around 600 ad. There are some cool features of chichin Itza One of them was when you clap your hands in front of the temple it makes the noise of one of their gods. The God is a bird. There is also an amplifier so the King  so the kingdoms stand on top of the temple and speak normally and thousands of people can hear him. Twice a year every year there would be little triangle at one of the ages of the pyramid that would light up when the sun moved around making the shape of a snake. it was telling them to harvest and plant crops. 

The day before that we went snorkelling, just me and my dad. We saw lots of fishys, and what looked like tomato sauce particles in the sea. In Mexico you can't wear any sunscreen in the water because it kills the fish. At the second reef we saw a sea snake.

San Francisco


When we arrived in San Francisco it was a very short ride to a hotel but before that we had to wait for one and a half hours from my auntie Jennie's plane to arrive from New Zealand. Weather in San Francisco for a couple of reasons one of them was because of my mum's conference and because the third sounded really yummy. We were going to go to 6 flags that we decided not to because we had already been to Disneyland. One of the first places we saw in San Francisco was super duper burgers.  I really needed to go there because the burgers looked amazing. We kept on walking, an hour past very quickly. Finally we found the first McDonald's I had seen in the US. My dad saw it before me and then told me. Look ahead can you see the big M? Then I asked him can I go there, he said yes but will have to be quick Will have to zip inside because no one else wants to go there. I said I wanted a quarter pounder my dad didn't order anything because he wasn't hungry but I was starving. So after that we headed home by the time we got there it was 4 PM so we checked in and went up to our room. 
That afternoon went up to the view which is the 39th story of our hotel. The view is a cocktail bar. You can see pretty much the whole of San Francisco. First day of the conference we went on a boat for about three hours. 
We got three caricatures done by some artists that were hired to do drawings of people. The day after that my aunti who is looking after me we went for an adventure we found an ice skating rink ,movie cinema, and bowling we decided to go bowling because we didn't have any socks on and if we did we would've gone ice skating instead The next day in the morning we decided to go and get burgers from super duper burger because we didn't have much time. I was going to IMAX with my dad and we didn't want to miss the movie at 11 AM so we had to run.  Incase you don't know what IMAX is it's basically a movie theatre but with a much bigger screen. We got there just-in-time luckily there was some automated ticket buying thingy majigs. The movie  we were going to see was Star Trek beyond I really loved the movie. After that we went back to the hotel and watched ghostbuster movies then we got up and went to have dinner. today we went to Alcatraz the top security prison in the USA back in the day. We went on an audio tour it was a tiny bit scary because every second you are hearing a cell door being slammed or bullets being shot. How do you have the colour I was really busting and we needed to run as fast as we could to the toilets. Alcatraz is on an island that is close to San Francisco there were two escapees nobody knows if they made it over to San Francisco or not. Another thing we did was bike the golden gate bridge, my mum got a flat tire so needed to call for a new bike while we waited we ate American hot dogs. They were delicious. We stayed in San Francisco for seven days. Tell Haiti we flew from San Francisco to Tahiti it was eight hours and it was a very boring ride. When we arrived there were to Tahitians playing music it was a nice welcome because it was 5 AM. 


We had to wait for half an hour so that we could get to front of the last line and check ourselves in and walk through to get our luggage but it wasn't that date but it wasn't there straightaway. We stayed in Tahiti for three days. There was a really soft black sandy beach that we went to everyday it had pretty big waves that keep destroying me. The pool was very cold but we still got in and had fun. We went to the town and while we were walking around we saw a lot of black pearl shops. Finally with come to the end of our holiday we are flying back to Auckland. 

While I was overseas I think I watched about 28 movies and ate about 56 pancakes.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Reflection of my speech

The part of my speech I'm proud of is the middle because I did it all by myself.   I couldn't make up my mind what my three examples to back up my opinion would be.  To try and overcome this challenge I asked some classmates and my teachers. All I had to do was make up my mind.  I think my speech was written nicely because I used things I have never used before.

When I read my speech it loud it I tried to speak with expression and use hand gestures.  The challenges I encountered was the reading of my speech to the class.  I chose to stare at one person that I knew and wouldn't laugh at me if I made a mistake.  I overcame these challenges by just looking at one person and one person only. I feel proud of the way I presented my speech, it was amazing.